Counting calories on the 5:2 diet has never been easier!

Brand new for 2015, 5:2 Diet Photos is a collection of food photos designed to visually present the calorie content of controlled but delicious food portions, makes your two fasting days easier than ever before. The book features:






The new book is released on 1st Jan 2015.
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Calorie counting can be tough when trying to kickstart a long-term healthier lifestyle. Food labels often mislead shoppers and recipe books lack nutritional guidance. And for those on the now famous 5:2 Diet, knowing what to eat on the two weekly fasting days is key; having flexibility with food choices and looking forward to an appetising meal helps maintain motivation and allows dieters to plan ahead.

5:2 Diet Photos is the perfect, problem-solving companion for everyone who has tried, failed or wanted to start the popular 5:2 diet. Offering up a delicious platter of over 600 mouth-watering food photos, ranging in calorie content, it finally answers the dieter’s dilemma, “what can I eat on my two 500 calorie days?”.