5:2 Diet Photos is a visual guide to help you achieve your 500 or 600 calorie target when following the 5:2 diet (it does not give detailed information on the 5:2 diet itself). For ease of use, the book is split into 3 sections: Recipes, Snacks and Individual Foods.


The first part of the book contains 60 tasty recipes to use on your fast days, ranging from 105 to 385 calories. Each recipe is for 1 portion but can be scaled up for more people if required. They are quick to make, high in nutrients and low in calories. The apple symbol shows how many 5-a-day fruit & veg portions are in the recipe.




We have included a snack section, which includes 30 easy-to-prepare dishes, all under 100 calories.

Individual Foods

The remaining pages in the book contain over 500 individual food photos, showing the calories in a wide selection of popular foods. This information gives you the flexibility to create a meal plan that works for you, while still eating foods you enjoy. The visual method allows you to quickly select foods in appropriate portion sizes, to make up your 500 or 600 calorie allowance.


All the above offers great support on fast days, and can also be used on non-fasting days to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

How do I use this book to create a meal plan?

1. Decide how to split your calorie allowance for the day. For example, your 500 calories could be made up of:


2. Browse the book to decide what you want to eat for each meal. This may be a combination of Recipes, Snacks and foods from the Individual Foods section. Choose portions to stay within your calorie budget for each meal. Remember that all snacks and drinks must be taken into consideration.

3. Use the traffic light system, described opposite, to choose portions that are high in protein (to keep you feeling fuller) and low in fat. Try to get as many of your 5-a-day fruit & veg portions as you can, even on fasting days.

Judging portion sizes

To help with scale, each photo displays either a knife & fork or a dessert spoon. You can compare your dinnerware with that shown in the book. All food, recipes & snacks are displayed on plates or bowls of the following sizes:


The weight of each portion is always stated below the photo. You can use this to double-check your portion size by weighing your food.

Traffic light system

The book uses a traffic light system for protein and fat. Foods high in protein will keep you fuller for longer, therefore you will see a green traffic light for foods with 10g or more of protein. Low-fat foods are generally healthier and more suitable for fasting days; foods with 2g of fat or less are displayed in green. The traffic light system makes it quick and easy to select healthy, filling foods.